Snakefarm Records are delighted to announce an exclusive 2019 expanded version of ‘I Serve A Savior’ – the latest album from chart-topping multi-platinum US country artist Josh Turner – to be released on 30 August 2019.
This special edition of the record, repackaged for CD and featuring two bonus tracks, will be released to mark Turner’s trio of UK live appearances this September – his first time in the UK and second only visit to Europe.
‘I Serve A Savior’ features a collection of deeply personal numbers inspired by Turner’s faith, including a cover of Hank Williams’ ‘I Saw The Light’ (the first LP Turner owned was a Hank Williams Greatest Hits collection, given to him by his father).
These are all songs of hope, peace and joy that really mean something to the singer, born in South Carolina now Nashville based.
“I like things to be very real and raw, very honest,” reflects Turner“and these are all songs that genuinely mean something to me, that have a special place in my heart, be they older hymns, songs I wrote or covers…
“We live in an age where there’s not a lot of hope in entertainment, which is why I’ve tried to convey a message of true hope with this album, something to cling to and count on.”
In the US, ‘I Serve A Savior’ has been Top 10 in the country charts for 29 of its 37 weeks since release. Guests include Bobby Osborne (of Osborne Brothers fame) and Sonya Isaacs (the US country and Christian music singer), but it’s a true family affair too, with Josh’s wife, Jennifer, plus his sons Hampton, Cody & Marion all playing a part. The poignant ‘The River (of Happiness)’ was actually written by Jennifer and Hampton, who perform on the track, too.
Making an immediate mark with his 2003 debut album, ‘Long Black Train’, a platinum-seller, Turner followed it up in 2006 with the even bigger selling ‘Your Man’. To date, he’s recorded seven studio albums and two live albums, although the idea for a gospel collection has been constantly on his mind… then, in 2018, everything came together, with stunning results.
As he said at the time, “I didn’t have any big plans for 2018 and the favourite part of my job is to go into the studio and create. I don’t believe in coincidences, in things just happening – I felt like I had been given an opportunity that was too good to pass up.”
Turner realised that his track ‘I Serve A Savior’, a true modern-day hymn with a clear and simple message, straight from the heart, was not only perfect for the record, but also perfect as the title for the whole project.
Choosing the material wasn’t easy, but the results speak for themselves.  Turner fits in a wonderful reading of ‘Amazing Grace’, along with his favourite hymn, ‘Without Him’ (“This one speaks to the core of what I believe in”).
‘I Pray My Way Out of Trouble’, written by Loretta Lynne and Teddy Wilburn, features Bobby Osborne on background vocals, and is a pure delight. ‘I Saw The Light’ also fits in wonderfully, but Turner felt that he needed to give it his own stamp…
“I’m sitting here thinking, ‘How in the world am I going to do ‘I Saw The Light’ to where it sounds like me?’ I figured out that the guy in the song, he eventually sees the light. Like it’s a redemptive song, but you can’t see the light until you’ve been through the darkness.”
Josh Turner’s fans have long been requesting a record like this – a special collection of inspiring and relevant songs, rooted in faith, delivered by an artist at the peak of his powers, with an overall sound that Turnerdescribes as “traditional yet forward thinking”.
 It was imperative for me to make this record sound new,” he concludes.“To take the older songs and give them a fresh touch, both musically & lyrically.”