Honky-tonk poet and fearless road warrior, Casey Donahew, celebrated his 15-year anniversary in Country music by taking a look back at how far he’s come from the early days at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, Texas to the ultra-successful star he is today with the release of the comprehensive retrospective, 15 YEARS, THE WILD RIDE.  Now embarking on the next phase of his celebrated career, Donahew comes speeding into a new era with a fresh, crisp, new sound on his latest collection, ONE LIGHT TOWN.

Teaming up once again with renowned producer Josh Leo, Donahew offers fans some of the best material of his career on the brand new album, which features 15 tracks penned by Donahew and some of Nashville’s finest songwriters.  

“Casey Donahew is one of those rare artists who knows how to push himself into uncharted territory with each new release without losing his core essence.  He is a true singer-songwriter in the modern troubadour sense in every way.  He knows how to tell a story and make the listener believe that they are right there! I had a blast working on this new record with him!” exclaims Leo.    

The collection, due out July 26, covers the gamut of emotions, from the reverent title track about a girl who shines so bright she is all her man can see, to the rocking swirling dance floor fun of “Queen For A Night,” and the gut-wrenching honesty of “Bad Guy,” a song from the perspective of the selfish, heartbreaking jerk who willingly and resolutely admits he’s not the perfect guy.  

In typical Donahew style, the tracks on ONE LIGHT TOWN pull no punches but hit straight to the heart and are sure to become instant classics and favorites among his devoted throng of career-long fans.